Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party

Busy weekend!! On Saturday night we went to a Halloween party. It was great fun for the kids and the adults. Some of our friends came dressed up in some great costumes. Here are a few pictures.
Parker was a ferry, but only wore the costume at home for 3 minutes. This is the only shot I could get of her because it was "itchy" and she hated every minute of it. I know its a pretty bad shot of her, but when you are working with a 3 year old sometimes its the best you can get!
On the other hand, my 3 boys were really into it. Griffin & Carson were superman, and yes they are pajamas, but very comfy so that's all that matters. Cooper is an alligator, but its hard to tell from the picture. He has a tail, mouth and teeth! Those are pj's under the costume because it was pretty cold out.
He wasn't crazy about the hat and daddy called it a bonnet because it was a little girly, so we let him go without.
Some of the kids & mommy's at the party doing crafts.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Patch

On Sunday we drove to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. Its a beautiful drive hilly & curvy with lake views along the way. The Farm is know for their huge pumpkin patch, mazes, hayrides you name it they have it. The lighting was totally off and way to bright to be taking pictures, so excuse that. All the kids are squinting. UGH!
Carson riding in the old time truck full of pumpkins
The boys "driving" a boat full of pumpkins
Parker picks a pumpkin from the back of the truck

Meredith & Parker, good friends
Cooper enjoying the pumpkins
Ok so he thought they were balls, and you can see him saying BALL in this picture

Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturdays are Party Days

Parker's little friends Dean & Hadley turned 3 and we went to their party. The party was held at their grandparents house in Austin. You would never know they live only a few minutes out of the city because they had the most beautiful piece of land I have seen in Austin. This is their backyard. We went on a hike with the kids and they were able to throw rocks into Bull Creek. Here are some shots I took along the way.
Daddy on the hike through Bull Creek
Mommy & Cooper
What a beautiful backyard!! They told us that in the summer the waterfall is the entire length of that cliff. We can't wait to come back and swim in it next year.
Parker & Mommy (look mom we match!) at the party
Cooper trying to keep up with the big kids with his messy hair
Griffin in cold Bull Creek
Carson & Griffin on a hike
Mason, Carson, Griffin & Parker eating Fajitas, a true TX party!
These are the kids in the creek throwing rocks (my boys on the left and Parker in red)
The party crew, what a good looking bunch of kids!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dr. Mike's Fall Festival

The month of October is a little crazy schedule-wise with our family. For the next few weekends we are booked and over booked with stuff to do.
On Sat. we went to a fall festival to celebrate Dr. Mike & 30 yrs of practice. (he is one of Rick's friends) They had a moon walk for the kids, a fire truck with a huge ladder, face painting and even Rick and I were able to have a massage. What a treat! My only problem is that I worked out hard at the gym on Thursday & Friday and the massage sort of hurt! But I'm not complaining, a massage is a massage right?! Here are some cute pictures of the kids.

We don't know the kid in the background! I tried to blurr him out but didn't have much luck he was just there!
Having some sausage wraps for lunch.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cooper Turns 14 Months

Our baby has turned 14 months. I took these shots today at the park. As you can see he is not the happiest 14 month old today. The big top molars are giving him trouble, as well as a pretty severe diaper rash. UGH!

14 things about Cooper:
1. He is still very popular around our house. The "older" three want to dress like him & be with him all the time, which brings us to #2.
2. Cooper is NOT walking yet, and is the slowest of all 4. G & P were 12 months & Carson was 13 months. But the problem is I don't see walking in his near future! Maybe because Griffin wants to carry him around ALL the time. We are always having to tell Big Griff to put him down.
3. Cooper loves to eat & will basically eat anything on his tray.
4. Cooper loves to be outside & now knows what doors lead to outside. If anyone shall pass through those doors without inviting him, watch out because he screams!!
5. Bath time is still his favorite. But the last few baths I've noticed that he throws a big fit when Parker is in with him. Humm I wonder why?? She bugs him like a big sister should. But he is already complaning about it. ha!
6. Today Cooper learned to clap and loves this new skill. He practiced most of the day
7. Cooper can say 5 words. Dada, Mama, Dog, Ball, Uh Oh!
8. Cooper loves cause & effect. He drops his milk cup off his tray if its in his way and then says "Uh OH!"
9. This week Daddy taught him how to go down the stairs. It clicked in his brain and he could do it after only being shown two times.
10. I let him watch Barney for the first time ever today. He loved it and danced & clapped.
11. He still has a special bond with Griffin & always chooses Griffin over the other two.
12. The toilet is a new discovery for Cooper. Who knew how fun it could be to splash around when no one is looking? Yuck, so now we have to shut all the bathroom doors.
13. Its also fun to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper. This is always one of mommy's favorites to clean up.
14. Cooper is still the calmest and most laid back of all four kids. We are having fun watching him grow, but so sad to see our baby turn into a big toddler.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Parker's Pony Party

Monday, October 15, 2007

Parker's 3rd Birthday

We had Parker's Pony party this weekend to celebrate her 3rd birthday, which was October 1.
She had a good time with a few of her friends at Kiddie Acres in Austin. Here are some pictures of the events. I plan to make a slide show with the others, there were too many to post. These are just a preview. :)
Riding the pony
Parker's friends from left to right...
Aaris, Meredith, Parker & Sarah
About to eat her pony cake
Vintage coloring for the vintage pony carousel...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photography Site Launched

My site is finished and ready to go. Click below to check it out...
I am also adding a link to click on the blog.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

NYC Slide Show

NYC Sites

It's different visiting NY after 9/11. You look at everything differently, and its seems like you talk & think about all those victims all the time. Here are some shots I took that really capture NY after 9/11
The Fire trucks have American Flags hanging off their engines. I don't remember seeing that before 9/11
Each Fire station we passed had a plaque with photos of men that lost their lives on that horrible day.
This is the wall of tiles. Thousands of children painted these tiles from all over the US. There is a fence lined with them.
This is ground Zero. The new Freedom tower is to be completed Fall 2009.
Another view of Ground Zero.