Monday, August 4, 2008

Fine Dining in The City

While in NYC we had some really amazing meals. Thanks to my organized mother (ever wonder where I get it from?) she had all the restaurants picked out and reservations made months before we arrived. Thanks mom for all that planning ahead of time. Those of you who have been to NYC know that if you want to get into a great restaurant you absolutely need a reservation. Here are a some pictures just to highlight a few of the great eats...
The top picture is at Fresco by Scatto. This is the one where all the Today show people go. This restaurant is also on their show all the time. Its very rich tasting Italian. My favorite item there was the amazing appetizer we ordered. Homemade chips & baked zucchini topped with Gorgonzola cheese, yummy!
Above is the NOHO Star. This is located in Soho, or actually Noho, just north of Houston St. is called Noho, anyway a great one we went to back in Sept. Its an American/Chinese cafe recommended by Rachel Ray (not to rhyme or anything!). Love Love Love the fresh squeezed limeade, the best!
Next we went to Balthazar, a french bistro located in Soho. This is a VERY busy one, that you litterly wait 2 hours for LUNCH on a weekday without a reservation. But of course we had one. (thanks mom!) Specialty thing to get there, the homemade mac & cheese, its like no other. Of course they called it something like "Macaroni Al Gratin"
Here's a fun one we just discovered, thanks to Becci for her research. This is the Swizz Restaurant for very fancy fondue! I think I loved this one best but it probably had something to do with dipping fruit into chocolate when the meal was over.
*Warning, if you are not a Seinfeld fan this part will bore you* So all day long we talked about taking a horse drawn carriage ride at night through Central Park. All I could think of was that GREAT episode of Seinfeld where Kramer drives the horse carriage around for a week or whatever. The horse is named Rusty. Kramer offers to take Susan's (George's fiance) parents on a ride for their anniversary. This is also the episode where Kramer becomes a member of a Costco or something like that. He buys this massive can of beans and feeds the horse beans before taking them on a ride. During the ride the horse has terrible gas and Kramer starts yelling "Rusty! Rusty!" Anyway it was one of the funniest episodes.
So we get to the horse and get on the man takes our picture (above) and we say "what's the horses name?" He replies "Rusty". Funny!! This guy was from Ireland, had no clue about Seinfeld. It was so funny I had to call Rick right then and tell him.


Andrea said...

That is so funny about Rusty! I'll have to tell Brent, he was a big fan. You really make me want to go to NY on a getaway trip!