Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dallas Visit Part 4~ American Girl Store~

On Saturday morning Rick had his conference so I took the kids to the new American Girl store. I have been to the one in NYC many many times and it is amazing. The one there is 4 stories, with a theater, restaurant, doll hospital, hair salon and so on. The Dallas store was on a much smaller scale. Being only 2 stories. Parker was being a toot that day. Mostly because we were running on little sleep, with no naps and going to bed around 8:30. (hey that's late for our kids!).

Parker & Libby her "Just like me AG doll"
Parker and the double stroller with the bitty baby twins that belonged to the store. She of course wanted to trade her doll for those dolls.
Yes Libby got her hair done. This was so funny. The kids got a big kick out of it. And those of you with little girls know their doll's hair is a huge mess, so these ladies fix it up so nice. she looked like new again.
Griffin & Parker posing with another one of the stores dolls.
Outside of the store. Parker completely refused to look at the camera. This is typical Parker. you can't tell but I was really forcing her to stay still. UGH! She can be rather frustrating at times.


jonna said...

Lookds like you guys had a really great time of things in the big D! Love the pictures and all the adventures!!