Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Birthday Easel

Last Friday we received a huge box at our door. We did not tell the kids. After we put them to bed Rick and I opened it up and it was a fantastic new Easel for the boys for their 5th birthday. This great gift is from Nano & Granddaddy (R's parents). It's a good thing we didn't tell them, because it had a TON of little pieces and took us over an hour to assemble. Its very durable and has a chalk board on one side, a magnetic dry erase board on the other. The middle has a big roll of paper for painting, and there are even shelves for the paint & chalk on each side. We are very pleased with it. They have spent lots of good quality time with their new easel. For example here is a lovely drawing of Maggie, our Golden Retriever.
Carson "Daddy does Maggie have four legs?" Both "look Daddy we even drew Maggie's boo-boos". I was upstairs and could hear Rick laughing hysterically, saying "get the camera". Most golden retrievers have really dry skin. So they chew on their legs for relief or it could be out of boredom. Maggie has been doing this since she was a pup. We call them "hot spots". Well take a closer look at the drawings back leg. Yes that is a hot spot. They didn't want to leave any details out did they? ha! Funny boys!
G on the left C on the right
Carson describing his creation
Yelling up to me, our "Masterpiece"


JessBless said...

Love their drawing of detail. So cute. Love their confidence and pride in a job well done even more! :)