Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cooper 19 Months

It's still hard to believe that 19 months have gone by. We are loving our "baby" who is smack in the middle of toddler hood. Cooper is still the most loving, cuddly boy. He is however, turning into a toddler with a capital T. He has learned to hit his friends with a toy, ugh!! And he now yells NO all the time. We have finally stopped the bathroom, turning on the tub episodes, as long as the door is shut we are fine. Cooper's favorite thing to do is just walk around outside with no boundaries. His new words, we lost count at 35 words, are blanket, peekaboo, milk. But the one phrase you are guaranteed to hear over and over again is "bye bye" and "wove you".
As you can see in the above photo, Coop has this focus when playing with his cars. It reminds me of Griffin who has a very long attention span. They both line up their cars and roll them along for a good part of the day.


Christy said...

Sweet boy! Yesterday when Taylor and I were leaving the nursery Cooper kept yelling Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye. It was so cute!