Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Parker- 3 1/2

Parker, Parker our sweet Parker. She is 3 1/2 today. What can I say about Parker. Well this girl can hold her own. I'm not sure if she just comes that way or if it has anything to do with being the only girl and having 3 brothers. But she is not a mild, calm, or passive little girl. She is more like a girl with an opinion. A little sassy and has been known to change her mind within a second. She is a little mommy and loves to take care of her babies. She spends a lot of time putting her dollies to sleep, changing their clothes (thanks to Aunt Jill for all the handmade outfits) and moving the dolls from room to room. Parker does best when given a job. She will complete a task to its fullest. But when bored with nothing to do she enjoys taunting her brothers. Particularly Carson. The two of them are oil and water. She can push his buttons faster than the speed of light. This is something she considers "entertainment". Even if it does result in punishment on her part.

We are thrilled & blessed to have a little girl, but are even more thrilled that there is only one little girl in our bunch! ha! :)


Leslie said...

What a beautiful little girl. That's funny that she taunts her brother...good for her holding her own. I guess I will be going through that soon enough.

JessBless said...

She is so cute. I love that she is independent and strong in mind. She is all smarts wrapped up in cuteness. Makes me think of her mommy. :)

jonna said...

What a sweet little girl she is! And taunting Carson is just practice for middle school...she'll need to know how to fend of the boys.