Friday, April 4, 2008

School Update

A little school update about our kids. As some of you may not know we home school our children and have been really pleased with the results so far. The boys are almost done with their Kindergarten year. We have been using the Saxon K phonics and the Saxon K math program. Science & art I have been teaching out of other random books. This week we painted pictures of blue bonnets with our fingerprints. They came out really cute. We will have real blue bonnet pictures next week when we go to Houston. As you can see Parker sits in on school and loves it too.
Last week we did some work with money. I set up a "grocery store" each boy was give his own "price tag" (the yellow paper) and they were told to price their groceries from $.1 to $.25. Then they used their money to "buy" groceries at each other's stores. They had to use the correct coin in order to buy their items. This was really fun for them and now they know each coin & how much it's worth. Maybe I should be shopping at their store, their prices are so LOW!
Other big news on school... Last week I went & stood in line to enroll them for the school Classical Enrichment Academy. They were both accepted! This school is a Christ-centered learning environment with an emphasis on academic and liberal arts studies.They only take 15 children per grade. We are excited for them they will both love it. We will still be homeschooling 4 days a week and they will go one day a week for enrichment courses. The courses offered are readers theater and speech, music, PE. Geography through art, and literature studies. I have been so thankful for all the quality time I've had while teaching them this past year. It's a ton of work to homeschool, and not for everyone but I am so happy we made the decision to keep them home with us. The amount of information they are retaining and learning has been amazing and we are so proud of the smart young boys they have become.