Wednesday, May 21, 2008

21 Months of Pure Joy

Our sweet Cooper Ben is 21 months now. He is growing taller and is starting to look more like a 2 yr old every day. Sometimes he acts like one too! Not too bad. His newest trick is climbing onto the dining room table over and over again. ugh! That one gets me. His vocabulary continues to grow. this month he has added the word vacuum (one of his favorite things to watch me do). He also says "I want" and of course "mine" gotta love that one. He calls his brothers "gaga" (Griffin) and "CarCar" (Carson) and he doesn't call Parker. ha! In fact he hits her if she comes near. Despite that he is still a sweet baby that loves his mama. When Daddy gets home from work he runs and yells "Dada" all the way to the front door.
We started swimming again everyday for the last 4 days & he is already back to being a water bug. Last summer at 10 months he could go under and swim to the side. This summer we are working back up to that. Just in the 4 days of working with him he is learning to float on his back, which he thinks is so funny. And he is back to going under, which he chooses to do. He cries when his lesson with Mommy is over and its time to get out. He would swim all day if I let him, just like the other 3, born to swim.


Cortney Genova said...

What a sweet boy! I can't wait to see you guys!!! Just a couple more weeks to go! Cort

Pryncss Briana said...

Man! They are all getting so big! Where does the time go? He is so adorable.

Do you teach them yourself? or do y'all go to a mommy and me class for swimming?

twarpula said...

Briana- I have taught them all myself. Rick and I have rules that we have followed from day 1. NO floaties, everytime we swim we work with them, we never get stressed out about them falling in, we always clap & make a big deal with they go under. etc..